Completed Seameless Gutter with Down-pipe in White.
6" Gutter with Down-pipe in White
Completed Seamless Gutter system in white.
6" Gutter system in white.
Completed Gutter system in White.
6" Gutter system in White

Seamless gutter Introduction

Two different sizes are available namely 125 x 80mm (5”) and 150 x 100mm (6”)

Rainwater gutters are roll formed at the installation site with a mobile machine. All gutters are made to exact size, meaning no joints and no leaks. A range of 14 standard colours, manufactured with specialised pigments ensuring corrosion resistance, durability and response to formability. Material used is Zinkalume - 55% aluminium (durability) and 45% Zink alloy (hardness) In- outside of the material is pre-painted that offers a smooth finish to the end product.

Completed Gutter with Down-pipe in Safari Brown.
5" Gutter with Down-pipe in Safari Brown.
Completed Gutter system - in Domestic Gemsbok sand
5" Gutter system in Tuscany Clay
Gutter system - in Industrial Gemsbok sand.
6" Gutter system - in Gemsbok sand

With a range of colours available, the Colourbond® paint has opened a new chapter for the guttering culture by satisfying customers with both superior performance and aesthetics.

These roll formed rain gutters are custom made to fit your home. A seamless gutter machine allows us to create the exact gutter length perfectly, to best fit your needs.

You can paint these home / industrial gutters without pre-treatment.

Gutter system - in Industrial Gemsbok sand.
5" Gutter system - in Industrial Gemsbok sand
Gutter system - in Grey & White.
5" Gutter system - in Grey & White
Gutter system - in Colonial Green.
5" Gutter system - in Colonial Green

Seamless aluminium gutters improve the look of your home while adding value to your investment. Rain gutters protect your walls and foundation by channelling water away, which helps to prevent leaks, decay and erosion.

These gutter installations have helped many homeowners and businesses who enjoy hassle-free, maintenance-free and worry-free protection of their investment.

The seamless gutter is the preferred choice for their aesthetic value and simply outperform, in every category gutters that do have seams.

Completed Gutter system - in Cape Red.
5" Gutter system - in Cape Red
Gutter system - in Grey & White.
5" Gutter system - in Grey & White