Seamless Box gutter with seamles waterproofing.
Seamless Box gutters are manufactured to any size.

Box gutters are roll formed at the installation site with a mobile machine. All gutters are made to exact size, meaning no joints and no leaks. A range of 14 standard colours, manufactured with specialised pigments ensuring corrosion resistance, durability and response to formability. Material used is Zinkalume - 55% aluminium (durability) and 45% Zink alloy (hardness) In- outside of the material is pre-painted that offers a smooth finish to the end product. Seamles waterproofing done to box gutters.

With a range of colours available, the Colourbond® paint has opened a new chapter for the guttering culture by satisfying customers with both superior performance and aesthetics.

These roll formed rain gutters are custom made to fit your home. A seamless gutter machine allows us to create the exact gutter length perfectly, to best fit your needs.

You can paint these home / industrial gutters without pre-treatment.