Downpipe Introduction

Two different sizes are available namely 80 x 50mm and 105 x 75mm.

All downpipes are made at the installation site, to exacted height from roof to the ground level. Material used is Zinkalume - 55% aluminium (durability) and 45% Zink alloy (hardness) In- outside of the material is pre-painted that offers a smooth finish to the end product.

Funnel Introduction

Funnels are available in two sizes: 280 x 85mm (5”) and 280 x 100mm (6”)

The common reason why rainwater downpipes are blocked, is leafs and solids in the gutter. To prevent this, we manufacture and use funnels and leaf separator funnels.

Advantages of funnels:

- Rainwater drains six times faster

- Reduce leaf blockage

- Prevent rainwater overflow

- Prevent rainwater backflow